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Company’s Coming… To Stay Overnight

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It must be human nature because most of us never seem to realize how filthy our showers have become until we suddenly find out we’re having company. God bless well-meaning friends and family, they don’t always give the most notice, do they?

Having guests come to stay overnight in your home takes intimacy to a whole new level. Suddenly it’s not just you they’re coming to see but your kitchen floors, bathroom countertops, the inside of your fridge and yes, those glass shower doors that may perhaps have seen better days.

Hospitality industry insiders say that having guests in your home is all about the little things. Want to borrow some ideas from great hotels and cheery bed & breakfasts? Provide sumptuous linens, luxurious pillows and plush towels – the best you can afford. Add a bud vase with a handful of fresh-cut flowers. Ensure the guest bedroom is spotlessly clean and fresh, a quiet retreat. Provide an alarm clock, a basket of snacks, a jug of water and a stack of current magazines for reading material.

This is all well and good but you may not have enough notice, or the inclination, to turn your home into the Ritz. What you can do, however, is hire a service to give your home a thorough and meticulous cleaning. This will instantly create a welcoming environment, showcase your home at its absolute best and save you time. You can spend the visit catching up and not giving a second thought to any chores.

Handi Maids Cleaning Service provides the ultimate in flexible, customizable service. They’ll bring out the best in your home and you can take the credit.

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